Posted by: Osmyn | April 4, 2009

What is Twitter? Why do people use Twitter?

There was an article in my home-town paper about the founder (Evan Williams) of Twitter, who is from my home state of Nebraska, is coming to give a series of talks at the university.

Some of the initial comments to the article were of the sort I hear alot: What is Twitter?  Isn’t Twitter a waist of time?  Why do people use Twitter?

Well, I posted my own comment that sums up what I think Twitter is, and at least one other commenter said it helped him grok Twitter:

Twitter is like having your best friends sitting near you.  If you’re physically near your friends, there are things you would tell them that seem insignificant, too insignificant to warrant a telephone call for instance, but that make you happy or sad or excited, or that you just think they’d be interested in.

Without twitter, without a way to communicate to your friends quickly en mass about ideas that fall below the significance of something you’d call to tell them, there is a lot of funny or weird things that you and you alone experience.  Twitter helps fill the niche of sharing those lower significant events and thus brings us closer together.

You can follow my tweets on my Twitter page.



  1. Is the Twitter responsible for the long quiet spell over here at Cobble? ;)

    • Alas, no, it’s my own changing directions and focus on quality over quantity. There is another post in the works already, so this isn’t the break will be shorter this time! Thanks for keeping tabs.

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