Posted by: Osmyn | June 5, 2008

In the news


“I want a news service that tells me what no one knows, but is true nonetheless. That’s what I would value.” – Michael Crichton, interview with Slate.

Couldn’t agree more, Michael – that’s what I love about This American Life.  I’ve stopped watching the local/national news and get my news from subscribing to blogs including and listening to NPR. 

Scott Adams recently posted on the difference in headlines between newspapers and the internet; read more on his blog.



  1. [De-lurking]

    Good choices — except maybe the Scott Adams blog and NPR. Heh. Scott seems to stir up the scientists pretty regularly (google scott adams but I really don’t hold that against him; heck, even *I’m* not perfect. Yet.

    NPR is the real disappointment. Since switching to BBC, exclusively, some years ago* I’ve come to see NPR as a more ‘feminine’ ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/Foxtrot media mirror: kinder, gentler, more inclusive and thoroughly allowing Mainstream Media to draw the box and set the agenda. Ditto for PBS’ Newshour and their several talkinghead shows. Even Frontline sounds exhausted of late. It’s been a grueling seven years.

    BBC, being staffed mostly by humans, suffers from the same tendencies. I’ve noticed a definite softening of the reporters’ demeanor of late; gone are the combative bulldogs of BBC Newshour, they’re more like Grandpa Charles and Aunt Nancy now. Sad. And boring. Lise Ducet and Owen Bennet Jones, et al are still out in the field and they do good reporting but somehow their desire to uncover the real story is diminished. During the recent Lebanon war there was a Scotsman stringing for BBC in Lebanon. He was marvellous.

    GroupNewsBlog, on the other hand is growing and growling better than ever as they enter their second year.

    And now I’ll close by merely mentioning my favorite hero, the incomparable Driftglass.

    [Lurk on]

    * It’s embarrassing, how much the rest of the world is interested in, and focuses on, the inner workings of USA politics and policy. I really get sick of wall to wall coverage of Hillary (their favorite since day 1) — and when this is news from England for Great Britain and Europe, mostly, well it just creeps me out.

  2. Thanks, Matt. I haven’t tried much news from BBC, so I’m adding that to my line up to see how I like it. I do enjoy the podcast from The Economist because of their out-of-the-USA take on the world; and it kinda creeps me out how much they talk about US politics, too.

    If you haven’t listened to In Our Time with Melvyn Bragg, you should give it a listen.

    I added Driftglass to Bloglines – thanks for the tip!

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