Posted by: Osmyn | May 2, 2008

What Happened Now – May 2, 2008


<<video of space boomerang>> Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency posted this video of astronaut Takao Doi throwing paper boomerangs inside the international space station.  The boomerang works because there is air inside the space station for it to act upon.  Outside the station it would travel in a straight line, much like any boomerang I’ve ever thrown here on planet Earth.<</video>>

Welcome to this week’s edition of What Happened Now, I’m your host, Osmyn, and today is May 2, 2008. 

This week in the news, Microsoft is shutting down Windows XP; Mazda destroys <<close up with pinky in mouth>> $100 MILLION DOLLARS <</close up>> of brand new cars; and to round out the show, why your boss should be embracing a culture of quitters.

On June 30th, Microsoft will be end-of-lifeing Windows XP, meaning all new computer systems will ship with Vista; no ifs-and-or buts.

But, Balmer has said he may reconsider if the customers demand it; which he says they have not.

Oh, except for the 170,000 customers who have signed Info World’s save windows XP petition….and the thousands of google hits on “save windows xp”…yeah, those probably are *nix users in disguise stirring up trouble.

<<on phone breaking up with Vista>>It’s not you vista, it’s me, really… we just don’t work… together… there’s that whole shut-down menu thing that I just can’t get past, and how you just refuse to cooperate with my iTunes… and you’re kinda pushy, you know?  Always saying you know what’s best for me.  I wish you’d just back off already!  Geesh!  That’s right, I’m going back to XP!  You bet I’ll be happy!<</phone>

OOO-kaay.  If you thought that was uncomfortable to watch, wait till you see what Mazda is doing with 5,000 brand new cars:

<<mazda video of cars crushed>>The vessel transporting these cars rolled over on its side for several weeks before it could be righted and helped to port. 

Even though they were strapped down inside the carrier, Mazda decided to scrap the lot of them fearing that corrosive liquids could have leaked into vulnerable parts of the inner workings.

Mazda was approached by many wanting to make lemonade out of the potential lemons by using the cars in Hollywood stunts or for drivers ed.  Mazda turned these down for liability reasons and for fear that the cars may end up on the market as some Hurricane Katrina refurbs did.

Finally, let’s talk about the elephant in the cubicle next door.  You and your boss both know that you won’t be working there until you retire, but if you’re like most of us, you better not vocalize that truism for fear of resentment or retaliation.

Well, what if instead of stories about past traders and quitters, your employer spoke of alumni employees?  How would it feel if on your first day your boss told you that it’s fine if you stick around for just two or three years and then move on to other experiences?

<<chart of value apex>>That only happens when your boss understands the Cravath system and Value Apex:

On day one, you’re value to the company is as close to zero as it will hopefully get.  But with learning the business domain and applying your fresh ideas, your value grows quickly.  After a few years, you’ve learned the domain and are starting to repeat your work.  It’s either time to push hard and make partner, or think about moving on to a new challenge at a new job where you can apply the ideas and lessons from your current job.<</chart>>

Embracing quitting fosters a healthier corporate culture and encourages employees to document their job responsibilities for the benefit of thier successor. 

So, isn’t it about time you quit and looked for the next challenge?  I’m Osmyn, and thanks for dropping in on What happened Now.



  1. My Father worked for Proctor and Gamble for 48 years. I once asked him how the heck he could have stood having the same job for that length of time.
    He replied that he hadn’t had the same job for 48 years, just the name on the top of the paycheck was the same


    You don’t have to be a flake to grow.

    Now… if you work for some pointy haired boss who will NOT let you out from under something that’s killing you, then all’s fair.

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