Posted by: Osmyn | April 25, 2008

What Happened Now – April 25, 2008


Do you know Somm?  Do you _really_?  I mean do you really _know_ him?  Well if you’re a l33t gamer, you just might know of him.  But what’s he like in RL?

Welcome to this week’s edition of What Happened Now, I’m your host, Osmyn, and today is April 25, 2008. 

Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, made waves this week when the revamp of his popular website and blog went live before all of the kinks were worked out – especially affected were the *nix users.

The website now features the day’s full-color strip and a collection of animated strips featuring voice actors for the dialog. 

A new attraction for the site is called Punch Lines where fans can add the dialog to the final panel of the strip, making up their own joke in an attempt to be funnier than Scott. 

These Punch Lines can then be voted on so that the best ones float up to the top. 


Scott blogged a few months before the site’s revamp that ad revenue was low because no one visited the site, instead using their feed reader’s to get the latest content. 

Around the same time, he posted that he would stop blogging regularly because he had become dispirited with the quality of the comments and return-on-investment. 

With the new site revamp, it looks like we don’t have to worry about losing Scott anytime soon.

In other news, Google announced that their Website Optimizer tool, previously available only to AdWords subscribers, will now be open to everyone for free.

The Optimizer Tool allows a website to host multiple variations of a page, each with special metadata embedded that ensure a user always sees the same page, but different users see the different variations. 

Google will then track which version of the page yields more click-throughs, potentially leading to more revenue for you.

Another free service made headlines recently – Flickr is now supporting “Long-Photos”.

Or, another way to say that is, you can upload short videos now – up to 90 seconds.

The Long Photos concept fits nicely in with everyone using their digital cameras or phones to record quick movies, but it also makes me smile because it reminds me of the moving photos in the Harry Potter series…When will we have those??

Finally, I know Somm….really, I do. 

I recently discovered that my long time friend, an avid video gammer, has his own button available on

<If people who know him online get a button, shouldn’t I have a friggen medal for knowing him for 20 years?  That’s like a medal with two chevrons or something…>

The description promises you will “score points with l33t gamers in RL.” 

Well, if a button can score you some points, then here’re some fun facts that can take you to the kill screen of coolness.

1. Somm’s RL name is Justin.

2. He lives in Nebraska.

3. He enjoys flying a scale-model turbine RC jet.

4. He hates to have his picture taken, but here’s one I shot at a bar where I used to work.

5. An autographed copy could be made available for the right price *rubs thumb and fore-finger together and winks*

I’m Osmyn, and thanks for dropping in on What Happened Now.



  1. Scott Adams just posted about a stripped-down site for the folks upset about the new features:

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